Kinesiology For Kids

Kinesiology For Kids is a one-on-one training session led by one of our kinesiologists. What do kinesiologists do? They are movement and exercise experts, meaning that they have the knowledge and experience to guide children through age-appropriate movement and sport-specific exercise.

 The sessions are 30 minutes long and provide a great way for children and teens to get exercise in a safe and supportive environment. Our Kinesiology For Kids program is open to children and teenagers aged 5-18.

Contact us to learn how to use your extended health benefits towards sessions for your child. For families without extended health benefits, we offer affordable packages, inquire to find out more. 

Yoga Rehab

This popular series combines restorative stretching and strengthening of the body to overcome pain and muscle weakness. 

This class is perfect for those who are recovering from an injury, as well as for anyone who needs regular strengthening as part of their exercise routine. Lots of modifications are provided, making this an all-levels class where everyone can work within their limits.

This series runs for 12 weeks on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:00 PM, three times per year in the winter, spring and fall. 

This class is currently offered in our studio at 8205 Ontario Street as well as online through Zoom. You may register to take the on-site class or the virtual class series. 

You may register for 6-weeks or for the full 12-week program. 

Run Clinic

This beginner running/walking training program is designed to be a fun and safe way to build cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance and strength. This program runs in the spring/summer and is led by our experienced runner and kinesiologist Sioban McCormick. 

It is perfect for those who are new to running as the gradual training structure ensures you are building up speed and distance without getting injured. Those who prefer to walk are encouraged to join and take part. There is something for everyone in this program.

This program will come back in 2023. Training days are on Thursdays at 6:00 PM and Sundays at 9:30 AM.