On April 1st, 2019, ICBC has issues new regulations for Motor Vehicle Accidents. Hartwell Therapy and Wellness has changed our policies to reflect the new changes from ICBC. Treatments will need to be completed within a 12 week time frame from the date of the accident. These fees will only be for an ICBC patient with approved sessions from ICBC. If you do not have sessions approved by ICBC, you will have to pay the treatment’s FULL price.

New Rates Effective October 1st, 2019.

ICBC Physiotherapy
Initial Assessment (45 to 60 minutes)User fee: $0
Follow-Up Appointment (40 minutes)User fee: $0
Follow-Up Extended (60 minutes)User fee: $20.00
ICBC Active Rehab
Initial and Follow-Up – 40 minutes User fee: $0
ICBC Massage Therapy
Initial Assessment (60 minutes)User fee: $8.40
Follow-Up Appointments
30 minutesUser fee: $0
45 minutesUser fee: $15.75
60 minutesUser fee: $36.75
90 minutesUser fee: $78.75
ICBC Acupuncture
Initial AssessmentUser fee: $10.00
Follow-upUser fee: $2.00

 Without a Doctor’s referral AND an approved extension from ICBC, ICBC patients will have to pay the FULL price of the service.

If an ICBC patient still needs treatment after 12 weeks, a doctor’s referral will be necessary for a treatment extension. Hartwell Therapy and Wellness will put the treatment extension request through to ICBC. Please note that these fees will be in effect on April 1st, 2019 and onward. If the treatment extension request is NOT granted, the ICBC patient will need to pay for their treatment in FULL. Hartwell Therapy and Wellness cannot guarantee that ICBC will approve all extension requests.

Extended Medical Health Insurances may consider covering the remainder of the fees. Hartwell Therapy and Wellness will NOT be direct billing the fee to extended medical health insurances; therefore, ICBC patients will have to submit their claim on their own. Be aware that depending on your extended medical health insurance policy, an ICBC patient submitting fees may or may not be considered for reimbursement through their extended medical health insurance.

If you have any questions regarding your own personal ICBC claim, Hartwell Therapy and Wellness highly recommends our ICBC patients to contact their Customer Claims Specialist. If you need your Claim number or contact information of your Customer Claims Specialist, please ask the front desk and they can assist you. If you have any questions regarding the new changes at ICBC, please contact your Customer Claims Specialist or ICBC (604-661-2800) or visit Please be aware that these changes were not made by Hartwell Therapy and Wellness and that it is a Provincial policy change.