Located on site at Hartwell Therapy is sister company DanZa Productions, a multidisciplinary dance and productions company, focused on Urban and Afro-Caribbean inspired dance classes, performances and much more.

Join our new therapeutic classes, at 8205 Ontario Street. A complete workout for your mind, body & soul. Reduce your stress and relax your body with any one of the following classes, available for online booking through DanZa Productions, Mindbody app:

Form & Function (Monday and Wednesday 5:00PM
Mindful Meditation (Monday 6:00PM)
Stretch & Release (Monday and Wednesday 7:00PM)

New members : 2 Weeks for $25 (+ 5%GST) 

For class descriptions, please visit the DanZa Productions website.

Follow @danzaproductions on Instagram and Like us on Facebook and Connect with us on LinkedIn. For immediate inquiries T: 604-505-7198 E: contact.danzaproductions@gmail.com

To learn more about our classes and offerings, visit our website: