Ryan Dong

Ryan Bong – RMT – Registered Massage Therapist

Ryan Dong - RMT - Registered Massage Therapist
Ryan Dong – RMT – Registered Massage Therapist

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Ryan is an avid snowboarder and has also played ice hockey, volleyball and other sports all his life. Growing up playing these physically demanding sports, Ryan has experienced multiple sports-related injuries which were overcome with the the help of a massage therapist. This led him to study massage therapy at VCMT where Ryan learned to help others with their injuries and improve their everyday life. While studying at VCMT, Ryan had the chance to perform sports massage on high performance athletes as well as prenatal massage on pregnant women through outreach programs which has given him a diverse experience in massage.

Ryan believes that no treatment should be identical to the next as everyone’s body is different. But typically, Ryan’s treatments consist of trigger point release, myofascial techniques, PNF stretching, joint mobilization and Swedish massage. After treatment, Ryan educates his patients with specific homecare exercises and stretches to further continue the treatment process in their everyday routine.

Whether you are looking for rehabilitation, injury prevention, or general maintenance, Ryan is eager to help you achieve your goals!