David Lam

In David’s opinion, RMT’s are the best bang for your buck as far as money to time spent with a medical professional. It’s great to be able to have them answer your questions 1 on 1! While he is not trained in nutrition, he does have a keen interest in staying ahead of the game with keto, paleo, Gluten free, and vegan diets, as well as supplementation. David also tries to get a better understanding of his patients’ physical activities, so he is constantly trying new sports and fitness crazes. One of the greatest joys of his job is seeing the look on a patient’s face after the treatment, when they regain function and are so elated. As a firm believer of non-surgical pill popping dogma, David also has an interest in training in Medical Thermal imaging and doing full body Cadaver labs to further learn about the human body and how it works.

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