Celina Villarroel Whiting

Celina Villarroel Whiting – Kinesiologist

Celina Villarroel Whiting - Kinesiologist
Celina Villarroel Whiting – Registered Kinesiologist

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Always having an interest in movement and health, Celina’s interest and career into the health industry was a natural transition. Her interest in the human body lead her to graduate with a BSc. Kinesiology from Simon Fraser University. However, her first education on body awareness came from dancing as a child and then eventually training in various styles and performing at a professional level. To this day, she continues to work in the dance industry, teaching classes and workshops, and performing around the city.

While in school, she discovered fitness and has since been teaching a multitude of fitness classes for a variety of different populations: from athletes to weekend warriors to those with injuries and other health conditions. She has also gone on to do personal training, small group training workshops and informational health and fitness lectures for dancers.

Her understanding of movement comes from all aspects of her educational background: the creative side and the scientific side. All of these avenues of knowledge have helped her to work with clients to help them reach their goals. She is excited to work with the staff and clientele at Hartwell Therapy.